Rajesh M. Hegde

 Professor,  IIT Kanpur

Rajesh M. Hegde

Rajesh M Hegde  is a Umang Gupta Chair Professor,  in the Dept. of Electrical Engineering at IIT Kanpur. Prior to this,  he was Professor  in the Dept. of Electrical Engineering and Dean Research and Development at IIT Dharwad (On Leave from IIT Kanpur).  He was also the Head of the Department of Electrical Engineering and the Center for Continuing Education (CCE) at IIT Kanpur. He held the  P.K. Kelkar Fellow (2009-13) at IIT Kanpur.  He has also worked as a Researcher at the California Institute of Telecommunication and Information Technology (CALIT2) and concurrently as a lecturer (2007) at the Department of Electrical Engineering at the University of California San Diego, USA.

He has established and headed two research Laboratories at IIT Kanpur namely, Multimodal Information Systems Lab and Wireless Sensor Networks Lab with funding obtained from BSNL, DST, MIT, LG Soft, Samsung Research and Indian space research organization.

He has made some significant contributions in the area of array signal processing and source separation. Some of his other significant contributions are in the areas of multi sensor data fusion for localization and node tracking in the context of mobile wireless sensor networks. This work has also led to the development of several new technologies with specific applications in ICT, Teleconferencing, Internet of things (IoT) and Cyber Physical Systems (CPS). His research group has also been very active in the development and deployment of socially relevant applications in the Indian Context and subsequent transfer of this technology to Industry. Some of the successful technology transfers include Digital Mandi for the Indian Kisan, Intelligent Video Retrieval on Cell phones (transferred to BSNL), and Audio Analyser to LG Software. He has published prolifically at several benchmark International conferences and journals in the area of signal processing, communication and networks. He is also a member of the National working groups of ITU-T (NWG-16 and NSG-6) on developing multimedia applications.

He actively teaches both undergraduate and post graduate courses related to digital signal processing, statistical signal processing, array signal processing, wireless sensor networks, and digital speech processing.

Additional biographic information can be found at theURL: http://rajeshmhegde.com