Rajesh M. Hegde

 Professor,  IIT Kanpur

Sponsored Projects

1. Center for Railway Research (CRR), Ministry of Railways, Rupees 19.0 Crores, 2020 – No Fixed Time Limit This Major project MoU was signed by the Chairman Railway Board in the presence of the Director IIT Kanpur and Directors of four other IITS, in 2020. Subsequently an amount of Rs 19.0 crores has been sanctioned after submission of new proposal in 2021, for setting up the Center for Railway Research (CRR) to IIT Kanpur. Three projects have been sanctioned by the RDSO Lucknow in 2021, under the CRR which are being coordinated various Faculty in EE/ME at IIT Kanpur.


2. Deep Learning Framework for Robust Source Localization and Tracking using Spherical Arrays, Core Research Grant (CRG), Rs. 50.0 Lakhs, SERB- DST, 2022 – 2024


3. Sparse Framework for Super Resolution Ambisonic Audio Reproduction in Spherical Harmonic Domain, Mathematical Research Impact Centric Support (MATRICS) Scheme, Rs. 6.0 Lakhs, SERB-DST, 2022 – 2025


4. TPQA project for Agra Smart City Limited, ASCL Agra, Rupees 60.50 Lakhs, 2021 – 2022


5. Electronic Device Noise Characterization and Reduction, Samsung Research Institute Delhi, Rupees 25.0 Lakhs, . 2021 – 2022


6. Automatic Speech Recognition for Speech Sub-Titling, Prasar Bharati, Rupees 168.0 Lakhs, 2021 – 2024 (As Co-PI)


Consultancy Projects

  1. Smart Edge Caching over 5G Networks in a Federated Learning Framework, Seagate, USD70,000,  2022 – 2024